Remote e-detailing

What is Remote e-detailing?

Remote e-detailing allows your Salesperson to showcase products and brands to Doctors remotely from any place or time. Vistaar digital helps you run the remote e-detailing meetings with your customers or HCPs on the device of their choices. We make it easier for you to connect via a link, and you simply broadcast your content.

The current situation has made us realized how online solution is making our life easy at all paths. Businesses are finding digital ways to reach customers to provide their services effectively, this is how we thought of coming up with a prompt e-detailing solution for pharma and the medical industry. Vistaar Digital is providing and making a way for the pharma industry to meet your customers wherever and whenever you want.

How We Simply Process?

Vistaar digital provides the best remote e-detailing solution to connect pharma and medical representation and accessing healthcare content online. Currently, we are providing an instant solution by combining the best digital means using any screen share application such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Webex.

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