_ data analytics

Data visualization using Power BI


Make better decisions faster with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a powerful Business Intelligence tool offered by Microsoft as part of its Power Platform. Turn your unrelated sources of data into interactive visualizations and Bring your data to life with live dashboards & reports using Power BI.
Vistaar has deep expertise in Power BI and we will help you discover valuable insights from your data. Work smarter, spot trends faster, and predict outcomes faster with Vistaar – your enterprise-scale analytics partner.

_ Power BI is for all industries

Properly organized detailing tool that would support you at every step and help you giving leverage to your CLM. Analyze your sales or inventory levels to increase market share & grow your automotive business.

Enhance the quality of care by visualizing common concerns of doctors. Also, keep up to date with current stock levels or market prices.

Real Estate
Instantly understand net profit, occupancy costs, revenue per square foot and other business critical metrics.

Stay on top of your marketing campaigns and channel spends to obtain a holistic picture of your media activity.

Analyze consumer spending, geographic sales, gross & net margins to stay on top of your retail footprint.

Understand performance of your field force and business metrics such as revenue, costs of financial offerings.

_ Our Expertise

Vistaar is Your Trusted Power BI Partner

Business Intelligence
Proficiency in BI solutioning and storyboarding.

In-depth understanding of dashboard and analytics.

Data Views
Creating Power BI views to enforce security and data customization.

_ Our Offerings


  1. Requirement Gathering.
  2. Solution Designing.
  3. Visualization and Storyboarding.
  4. Infrastructure Analysis for Power BI.


  1. On-premise and on- Cloud deployment.
  2. Developing Power BI dashboards and reports.
  3. Future trends forecasting.

Technical Support

  1. Post-Go live support and maintenance.
  2. Performance Optimization and Enhancements.
  3. On-demand technical support.

Remember, your success is our priority. Let's embark on this Power Bi journey together!