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Guaranteed Organic Traffic Growth via targeted SEO Campaigns

Vistaar offers SEO Services that merge the boundaries of content marketing, social media and Online PR.

SEO is not dead

Although there are multiple Search Engines, Google dominates the market with more than 5 Billion daily searches. The largest search engine uses over 200 inputs in their algorithm for ranking web pages. More than 500-600 updates are done to Google’s algorithm annually. Because of this relentless evolution of search, we constantly reviewing our processes to maximize search results for the businesses we take on-board.
Currently, there are nearly 23 billion devices connected, and by 2020, that number is expected to more than double to 50 billion. Online searches performed by people aren’t going away. We’ll just be performing them from watches, cars, and other connected devices.


Leads from SEO have a 15% close rate

According to SearchEngineJournal.com, 70% of users click on organic / natural search results. The same research states that leads from SEO have a 15% close rate and these Inbound leads cost 61% lesser than outbound leads.
New technology may change the way we interact and explore the Internet, but search engines will always be a factor, and optimizing your information for these constantly evolving algorithms will never go out of style. SEO is not dead.

Vistaar is Your Trusted SEO Agency Partner

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is about optimizing your website and online presence to rank higher in Search Engines. If your website pages rank higher, then you gain better visibility & reach for your business, leading to more organic traffic & subsequently more leads or sales. Vistaar offers SEO Services that merge the boundaries of content marketing, social media and Online PR. Our team of SEO experts deploy white-hat SEO strategies in compliance with Google & Bing Webmaster guidelines. Our team is extremely experienced at working in the most competitive industries – Where its Small Business SEO or optimizing a large website, we have the necessary skills to do so.
_ Vistaar is Your Trusted SEO Partner
White-hat Techniques
Our experts deploy only white-hat SEO techniques to improve your organic traffic.
Code Deep-dive
We will deep dive into your code to understand your structure and make technical SEO recommendations.
Cross-Industry Experience
Our team has worked across multiple industries including eCommerce, Health, Technology, Education and more.
_ Rank higher on Google. Get more traffic. Convert more leads to customers!

Get your website to the top of the search engine results with our result oriented & goal-driven SEO Services.

SEO & Website Audits
From a Free Basic SEO audit to our comprehensive audits, our reports are a deep look into your site’s most critical SEO issues. We help you identify biggest missed opportunities for organic traffic growth. An SEO Audit engagement with Briefcase is ideal if you haven’t focused on SEO for some time or SEO has never been a part of your growth strategy.
SEO Consulting
SEO is a long-term traffic growth initiative. Our Ongoing SEO consulting engagements let us work with you to maximize gains. We will work in sync with your content marketing, social media, creative and technology teams to amplify your presence across multiple search engines. Our SEO Consulting service focuses on strategies that drive long-term traffic benefits.
Local SEO
Local SEO is essential for businesses with a physical location that needs to be discovered in Search Engines. We have experience with both large franchises and small businesses that need each of their physical or retail locations showing up in search results. Our Local SEO Service includes Google My Business, Bing Places listing.
Link Building
Our SEO experts have experience and skills to acquire links for your website from reliable sources. We leverage white-hat link building techniques that focus on content outreach and influencer management. We promise a clean, structured approach to link acquisition for your business.
International SEO
If you’re looking to expand your international presence, you need a sound International SEO Strategy to make sure you’re executing the technical details well and addressing your new audiences in ways that make sense to them. We have expertise in working with brands that have an International presence.
Mobile SEO
Whether it’s optimizing your website for mobile search queries, voice search or optimizing your Android / iOS Apps, we have you covered with our Mobile SEO Services. More than 50% of all searches are now made on a mobile device. Being mobile friendly isn’t optional anymore if you want to rank higher within Search results.

Ecommerce SEO
Optimizing eCommerce websites for gaining visibility in Organic Search results can be a difficult task, given the highly competitive nature of the industry. Ecommerce SEO requires acute attention to detail and an eye on how users are searching for your products. Our team brings in the necessary experience & expertise of optimizing small as well as large eCommerce sites to rank higher in Search Engines.

B2B businesses have to prioritize their online marketing efforts to generate leads & customers. Such businesses need to focus on content marketing strategies that resonate with their niche audiences. At Briefkase, we work with select B2B clientele to up their SEO game and generate relevant traffic, resulting in direct ROI benefits. Our B2B SEO Service will reap you rich dividends.
SEO Training & Coaching
Does your business have internal resources who can focus on SEO? Do you need to train your team on SEO best practices? Avail our corporate SEO training services that would help you scale up your SEO efforts. Our Industry renowned trainers will craft a custom SEO training plan for your company. We provide online and in-person corporate SEO training across small, mid or large businesses.
_ Partner with Vistaar. The SEO Company that does makes a difference.

There are reasons you should choose us for your SEO Project

9 Years of Solid SEO Experience
We have over 9 years of experience in formulating effective SEO campaigns for clients across industries. Throughout this period, we have delivered projects of different sizes and complexities.
Technically skilled SEO Team
We will deep dive into your code to understand your structure and make technical SEO recommendations. We know that the devil is in the details.

Real-time Performance Dashboards
Through our live analytics platform, you can easily monitor the progress of your SEO campaign and seek changes if required.

SEO Tools Know-how
We are well versed with Industry gold standard tools such as Moz, SEMRush, Google Search Console & Google Analytics.
Competitive Analysis
Our expertise lies in unearthing SEO strategies that are driving traffic to our competitors and using them to your advantage.
Flexible Pricing
We offer clear and competitive pricing irrespective of the size and nature of your SEO project.

Remember, your success is our priority. Let's embark on this SEO journey together!