Activatr: Empower Change Through Instant Photo Campaigns

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August 25, 2023
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May 5, 2023

Client needed a speedy way to engage a niche audience and amplify awareness effectively.

Our client was in search of a swift and effective communication avenue to drive an awareness initiative aimed at a specific, small-scale audience. Their primary goal was to not only inspire active participation among individuals but also to harness their enthusiasm in propagating the awareness message further.

Capture, Share, and Inspire with our Interactive Filter WebApp!

A web application has been launched, allowing users to capture their photos within a captivating filter frame containing awareness messages. The client aims to foster user engagement and connection with these awareness initiatives. Users have the option to download their clicked photo and share it on various social media platforms, contributing to the spread of awareness among a broader audience. Additionally, the integrated Google Analytics feature provides valuable insights, such as the number of photos clicked, the geographical locations where the photos are captured, the average engagement time on the filter, and the count of unique and returning users.
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Webapp’s Viral Success: Spreading Brand Awareness Through Social Media

The webapp gained immense popularity among users who enthusiastically shared pictures on social media, leading to widespread awareness across a broad audience. The valuable analytics derived from user activity enabled clients to pinpoint the brand’s popularity based on location and user behavior.