ADA and WCAG Compliant Website

WCAG - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, helps to make Web content more accessible, predominantly for people with disabilities. WCAG is developed with the goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, and organizations..

How we support

Vistaar Digital has started a unique accessibility testing service model, WCAG compliance testing is important to systematize accessibility engineering in product development and online experiences. We run a WCAG audit throughout the website and implement standards using tool to your existing or upcoming website as per your preferred technology. Our services and technology ensure accessibility for real people with disabilities & impairments with guaranteed usability for all in a format of text, images, and sounds.

We Make Accessibility Easy

Website Audit and Revalidation - The process starts with a website audit we run through and analyze website and segregates sections needs to be personalized with WCAG compliance, that helps you in implementation. Post completion we do revalidation throughout website and quality check on the functioning of technical implementation.

Website Accessibility - The digital medium is a solution to a task of everyone's life and our attempt is to eliminate online experience barriers for people with disabilities. Vistaar Digital offers an accessibility service that is easy to use through WCAG compliance.

Documents Accessibility - Various file formats published on the Web should be accessible as much as other content. Our technology support makes it possible for people with disabilities to use and access documents using devices such as screen readers, text readers and more.

Technical Consultation - We help you in guiding and building a compatible website with all the accessibility needed for people with disabilities and enables comfort user accessibility including how they use the Internet and other information technologies.

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