Bringing to life Niti Aayog’s flagship initiative –  India Climate and Energy Dashboard (ICED)

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March 14, 2023
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November 2, 2020

Vasudha Foundation is a non profit organization set up in 2010, with the belief in the conservation of Vasudha, which in Sanskrit means the Earth, the giver of wealth and with the objective of promoting sustainable consumption of its bounties.

An open-source knowledge platform with a dynamic and interactive interface that promotes ease of use and accessibility for researchers, policy makers, investors and other stakeholders. The platform endorses data transparency for all three sectors – Energy, Climate and key Economy indicators. Each of these sections are covered comprehensively with a cohesive approach to assist the user in gathering relevant information and further download all datasets to support their respective areas of work.

Vision of Vasudha Foundation is to provide is a user-friendly platform that aims to bring together comprehensive and integrated historical and current data to provide a single window access for all datasets required for climate and energy related assessments.

All the ICED users can get access to near-real time information via suave visualizations and interactive analytics using the dashboard’s in-built queries in the analytics section. The featured queries explore the interdependency amongst multiple datasets across different sectoral verticals of energy, climate and economy and further reveals the data parameters most used for energy and climate related planning exercises.


Vasudha team was facing numerous challenges with its existing website.

The website was slow to load (Page Speed D) , had poor navigation, and users were struggling to find the information they needed (High bounce rate of 65%). Additionally, the website was not optimized for mobile devices, which was causing frustration for users who needed to access information on the go.
  • They had only coal data available and it was required to scale to multiple sources.
  • Site was not capable of scaling to add multiple sources.
  • Poor Navigation: If a user cannot easily navigate through a website, it causes frustration and leads to them leaving the site quickly.
  • Restrictive Data Types – As the site was using SQL Server there were challenges where multiple data type formats were required.
  • Website did not have a feature to analyze and compare the data against various parameters.
  • Website was not optimized for mobile devices and users struggled to access information on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Download data in an excel format was missing in the earlier website.

To address these issues, Vasudha hired Vistaar Digital to redesign the website.

The team analyzed the existing website, studied user behavior, and identified areas for improvement. Based on their findings, the team developed a new website user experience design that focused on improving the user experience and placing multiple source data in an elegant way to allow user access and analyze the data to derive insights.
  • Improved user experience
  • Added analytics section which allows users to compare the data between source and parameters.
  • Display and capture consumer info on download feature.
  • Daily/Weekly data updates Cron based automated data updates.
  • Ability to manage multiple data types/formats.
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Unique Datasets
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Years of Data

Collaboration with Niti Aayog!!

Niti Aayog decided to merge their EDM Data which was in Tableau with Vasudha to come up with a new Portal under Niti’ wings, ICED.
  • Added 8 more sources
  • Organic Traffic has more than doubled 3 months post redesigned.
  • Climate, Economy and Demographics sections were added.
  • 125+ different parameters added across various sections.
  • Total power plants count increased from 235+ to 2465+
  • Over 1250+ charts created

Instrumental in Design and Development

  • Srinivas Krishnaswamy

    Vasudha Foundation

    Vistaar Digital has been instrumental in designing and developing our website, capturing the essence of our mission and initiatives. We believe that their efforts have effectively communicated our dedication to innovation and sustainability within the energy sector. Their expertise in digital solutions gives us confidence in their ability to present our work effectively.