Activatr – On ground activation for HPCL

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March 14, 2023
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November 2, 2020
HPCL is the second largest and the fastest growing lube marketer in the industry. It has a nationwide network of retail outlets, providing a range of products including gasoline, diesel, lubricants, and petrochemicals. HPCL is a leading player in the Indian oil and gas industry, and plays a critical role in meeting the country’s energy needs.

HPCL were in need of a system to promote their products and collect mechanics, retailers data.

HPCL wanted to run a program for mechanics to promote their products and incentivise the mechanics using company products. Although mechanics were end users, their distribution channel was via retailers and it was not organized. Mechanics data was not available with the company. It was difficult to run the program without authentic information.

HPCL utilised Vistaar Digital’s expertise to develop a web-based solution to collect the information about mechanics.

  • Vistaar Digital used activatr platform – a cross device mobile application that collects data to analyze purchase & usage behaviour of mechanics across India.
  • Vistaar’s partner, an event management company, organized a ground field force to collect the information using the mobile app we developed.
  • Each field person was provided personalized access. Mobile app helped geo tag the data collected. The mobile number was authenticated using the OTP process to make sure all data is verified. Additionally, the mobile app was designed to collect competitor data to help HPCL to figure out the market dynamicsand strategize future campaigns.
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Mechanics Data Collected
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After successful pilot in India, HPCL was able to expand solution to Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan.

This campaign was executed as a pilot in the northern part of India.
  • Post successful execution, it was extended to Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan where the company has significant market presence.
  • During the 3 months campaign, about 60k Mechanics and 5K automotive garages were engaged.
  • Data was collected including photos of mechanics and retailers which were used for onsite branding campaigns.