Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting

 Close more deals, Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud

Vistaar digital with its best technical expertise in the CRM, helps brand transforming its sales lifecycle using Salesforce Sales Cloud. An organization with a massive sales pipeline requires reliable consulting partners to streamline the process. Our process begins with an early stage of prospecting, to managing quotes and contracts our Sales Cloud experts will help you to customize the sales pipeline. 


We get your Sales cloud started, tailored to your business. Our certified  Salesforce expert set-up your Sales Automation platform in-line.

Demo Training

We got your back to make you an expert in running Sales Cloud automation by providing in-person training online and offline.


Look back at any point of time for assistance. Our dedicated Salesforce support will be available to provide resolution.


Consume less time in managing the tool. We work closely identifying issues, streamline solutions, and run Sales Cloud on your behalf.

Data Information

Systemize the client’s data, providing overall prospects and customer details to the user. Get a complete understanding by viewing a dashboard, history about managed and planned by whom.

Activity Tracking

Allow seamless tracking of the sales professional tasks, events, and calendars, this helps to maintain collaboration within an organization.

Marketing Activity

Analyze campaign, which drives more sales and expedite returns on your marketing investment. Examine which campaigns are driving more sales, accordingly make a direct investment to those activities. 

Sales Process

Guide a tailored sales process to your sales representative and enable flexible collaboration, increasing the success rate of your sales professionals.

Order Management

Enhance the efficiency of your employees by increasing the accuracy of sales data through an order management system that allows custom-built integration.

Account Management / Renewals

Salesforce tracks existing customer contract details, renewals, asset management, this keeps you up-to-date on your account management tasks and reduces client-management issues.

Simplify Salesforce Cloud

Vistaar Digital makes sure you get a hands-on CRM tool to get a complete view of sales performance. Even if you are a beginner, we make it easy to guide you on how to create a custom reporting dashboard and maintain the entire pipeline journey.

Vistaar Digital provides a dedicated Sales Cloud certified expert to streamline workflows and discover how to close more deals in less time. Our expertise in helping companies increase productivity and boost the efficiency of your team with Salesforce Sales Cloud will simplify your overall sales process.

Streamline smarter Sales Operations.

Migrating to Sales Cloud?

Vistaar Digital doesn’t even help in setting up tool but also help your team to successfully migrate from your existing CRM to Sales Cloud. We allocate experienced consultants to help you migrate your account data, automation, and workflows from the existing CRM platform to Salesforce.

Measure Sales Cloud Succes for your business.