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Clearly, it is no more a matter of whether to go digital or not. The indispensable question is what all to dive into in the digital world … and how to swim these unfamiliar waters?

  • Date
    May 1, 2014
    Based in Richmond, Virginia (USA), Seasonal Roots is a grocery retailer that specialises in sourcing and home-delivering ‘locally grown’ produce. Along with providing them technology support (site maintenance, data correction etc) Vistaar also looks into digital marketing for them by dispatching emailers, re-stocking their blog and updating banners.
  • Date
    April 30, 2014
    A GOOD INVESTMENT We put together the entire web set up for Marstone, a Rhode Island based (USA) financial portal. Customers of banks, brokerages, insurance companies and asset management firms can now engage in a smooth online experience of setting their financial goals, managing their portfolio, account aggregation, getting expert advice and more.
  • Date
    April 29, 2014
    AWCenter is a Boston-based plastic surgery centre. The website developed for them disseminates information sought by prospective customers and acts as a gateway for lead generation. For their sister concern Discover Beauty, we put together a Patient-to-Doctor interactive site – where patients use online morph tools on their picture to see the desired result, pick a doctor from online database, share the morphed pic with them and ask for their advice. Knowledge gained from this interaction helps site users make a better decision about their plastic surgery.
  • Date
    April 27, 2014
    The Great Next wanted to bring all the adventure tour operators from across India on a single platform, so that adventure seekers need not visit multiple websites. And that’s exactly what we did. Now in a single browse tab, one can compare amongst different operators, adventures, locations, durations, exertions and prices. Furthermore, we do their SEO optimization and power up their marketing campaign with all the technology they need.

Amit Thaker


Working with Vistaar Digital has been really easy. To begin with the team pushed back on our brief and offered solutions on how things could be done faster and/or better. Whether it a UI or a technology solution, they played a vital role in re-defining the brief. Post this there was a clear road map to delivery with well defined milestones. Having worked with Vistaar for almost a year, we have extended our relationship with them and increased the level of engagement. This is only because we have total faith that are applications are in safe hands.

Melanie Spahr


I have worked with this team for several years. They are highly responsive and always available. The teams understand the needs of the business and work hard to deliver. They are creative and make suggestions. I have been pleased in all my dealings. If you find yourself in the market for ANY tech need, including Apps. I can not say enough good things about the team.

Kat Costello


    Ajay is a true professional in every sense of the way and is an absolute pleasure to work with! I started working with him at Digitas in Boston and continue to work with him today and his company Vistaar. He is a strategic leader, great user experience architect, timely and great with communications (despite the time difference)