About Vistaar

Until artificial intelligence takes over, it will be us you’ll be seeing here.


Ajay founded Vistaar Digital in 2014, when Mumbai Inc. was waking up to the digital marketing revolution. Career years spent with IT companies and ad agencies laid a strong foundation for him on both technological and marketing fronts. During stints done with DIGITAS (Boston), Watermelon (Mumbai) and other places, Ajay developed, executed and managed many a digital project for clients from across industry verticals. Building up on basics and living up to the challenges, he went from strength to strength with each leap. His extensive technological know-how, a flair for leadership, cross-cultural exposure and diversity in past assignments make Ajay an authority to show others the way in now booming but still overwhelming digital marketing landscape. He also offers consultancy on emerging technologies to local establishments, who need catching up with the newest trends. Even in the midst of all things tech, he is very much a people person, quite approachable and delightfully helps others out when they get lost in the digital maze.


Darshan is the star player in Vistaar Digital team. With his versatility and achievements, he brings valuable insights, vast knowledge and even fun on the table. He experience from ad agencies and expertise in software lend him a unique advantage at what he does. Some of his key responsibilities include managing digital projects from initiation through delivery. We count on him for monitoring all the technological and supervision processes. It is Darshan who ensures proper project status is maintained and communicated to all stakeholders. He oversees all areas affected by the project, including end users and other internal groups to coordinate project activities. He works with teams to resolve business or technical impediments and makes sure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. He also looks into eliminating redundancy within team members and tailoring processes to fit their needs.


Gwen has her strength in content creation, brand awareness, media, and PR. I want my clients to have fun while building a successful business and therefore planning a strategic digital roadmap is something she does very passionately. Gwen is strong in influencer marketing as she has an array of actors, celebs, and influencers that she has worked with and continues to work with to create brand value and brand awareness in the competitive market. A certified IIT student in Digital Marketing I pride myself on my intuition and ability to work under extreme pressure, and often situations that would pose multiple complexities. I drive efficiency and productivity while scaling business.

The electronic era is making way for the digital era.
Any guesses what will be the next big thing after digital revolution saturates? Our money is on AI.

At the forefront of all things digital

We are a group of highly motivated people with extensive digital marketing experience. We are on a mission to help brands navigate the emerging technology landscape. By working closely with clients, we facilitate them to transform, reinvent and rethink their approach to business in this ever-changing digital and consumer-centric world.
Vistaar has a resource tie-up with agencies in Boston and Costa Rica. Our combined expertise in software, technology, marketing and advertising puts us in the forefront of all things digital.