Technology Services


Technology is in the hand of today’s customers, and competitors are trying their best to stay just a hand away to the customers. Your brand should be easily accessible on all devices, Vistaar digital offers combined technology services to make your brand perform well on web & mobile applications and also introduces you to new technologies to leverage.

Website Design & Development

An informative, captivating, and lead-generating website has a lot of skillfully used ingredients in it. At Vistaar Digital, this skill is nicely embedded in our DNA by now. 


We would happily throw around developer jargon like AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL, Java, jQuery, Linux, Python, Bootstrap to name a few. 

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Magnificent Design Element
  • Interactive Design Transition
  • Content & Backend Management
  • Exert recent technology

Mobile Apps

On the technology front, we are capable of developing Android & iOS apps, leveraging the hybrid Flutter, PhoneGap platform and then there are UI tools like HTML5 and AngularJS. We partner with our clients on not just the technology part, but throughout the timeline of the idea – starting with conceptualization, going right up to feedback and improvement. Because we recognize that a successful mobile application emerges as a result of synergy between technological genius and marketing acumen.

  • App Designing & Development
  • User-friendly experience UI/UX
  • Conventional Backend Management
  • Onsite Support
  • Implements new interventions


If you own a platform or a service which requires a niche communication and customer services, a chat-bot can do a lot of help to uplift your brand credibility comparatively to manual customer services. Our chat-bot services enable to incorporate the intelligent bot on your website, mobile devices, app, social media services, and other channels.

Data Integration and Visualization

Vistaar Analytics & Insights services impart quality data to your organization that leads to smart decisions across the process. We use the Talend Platform, powerful and versatile integration, and data quality solution to extract, load, and natively process data sets for better insights or process optimization. We connect and integrate your application, data source, or API. Our UX architects help Visualize complex data in a simplified and effective way using Data visualization platforms such as PowerBI, Tableau, QlikView, or Custom tools built on a D3JS library, all based on your business requirements.