Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

Ease your marketing process, integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud automation tools

Salesforce Marketing Cloud(Previously known as ExactTarget) is a marketing automation software that increases lead volume, lead conversion, optimize customer interaction on email, web, mobile, and increases marketing ROI. Vistaar digital knew there is a massive need for reliable consultants partners in the organization of all sizes to help them plan, design, and implement a marketing automation program. 

Learn the Potential of Marketing Cloud Platform.

Get started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Vistaar digital offers four dynamic services to manage customer relations and targeted campaigns. 


We get your Marketing cloud started, tailored to your business. Our expert’s set-up your Marketing Cloud platform in-line.

Demo Training

We got your back to make you an expert in running Marketing Cloud by providing in-person training online and offline.


Look back at any point of time for assistance. Our dedicated Salesforce support will be available to provide resolution.


Consume less time in managing the tool. We work closely identifying issues, streamline solutions, and manage Marketing on your behalf.

Journey Builder

Create cross-device and personalize customer journeys based on the customers buying, browsing, or abandoning a cart data, It helps in measuring the performance and success of a campaign with real-time data.

Email Studio

Design, Create, and send messages to the client, the basis of your client information. With the help of personalized marketing platforms, create smart emails, manage subscribers, conduct A/B testing, analyze content performance, track open rates & click through.

Mobile Studio

Customize your marketing message by sending the SMS, push notification, group, and chat messaging through mobile. It allows customization based on customer behaviors.

Social Studio

Manage your social channels and engage customers on their platform of choice. Analyze content and keep track of the performance of social channels.

Advertising Studio

Integrate your digital advertising with your CRM data to a target customer. Capture all your leads collected from lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns.

Salesforce Data Studio

Manage data transfer and sharing the data to 2nd party with the secure provision of trusted partners. Monetize your data with full transparency and control. 

Consume better Marketing Data & Insights

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you qualify your marketing decisions for better business. Our expert Salesforce instructor can introduce a data-driven approach for reaching audiences in your target market. They will also help you optimize your Marketing Cloud platform to provide personalized experiences.

Vistaar digital streamline your communication with prospects and customers on the Marketing Cloud platform. We guide to automate and run your campaigns at every touch-point throughout the customer journey.

Multiply audience engagement across all marketing channels.

Migrating to Sales Cloud?

Vistaar Digital doesn’t even help in setting up tool but also help your team to successfully migrate from your existing CRM to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We allocate experienced consultants to help you migrate your account data, automation, and workflows from the existing CRM platform to Salesforce.

Measure Sales Cloud Succes for your business.