Marketing Automation


Marketing automation services help you to streamline your time-consuming marketing and sales activity such as e-mail, web, social and lead management of your products and services. Vistaar digital offers the best platform and marketing automation tools that allow you to implement a digital marketing strategy across multiple channels and campaigns, automatically. Here are the featured services we provide under our marketing automation solutions.


Vistaar digital supports ‘Customer Relationship Management’ with the help of our partnered platform or gets you the leading platform such as Salesforce, and Hubspot, based on your marketing strategy, products or services. CRM entails a comprehensive customer’s journey and improves the customer’s experience across all touch-points start from managing leads to customer delivery. With the help of the best CRM solutions, we’ll help you find more leads, get more conversions, and grow your business. 

Email Marketing

An email has proven to be a powerful marketing channel down the years and around the globe. Catchy subject lines, precise content, and personalized e-mailers help you get the best in conversions. We enable you to choose the email templates across the best email marketing software/platform such as Marketing Cloud, and MailChimp to deliver smart content. Our support commences right through finalizing content and getting done email copywriting, production and deployment, automating emails using CRM solutions, and managing email subscriber lists and reports.