eDetailing services assisting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to digitize and engage with their customers. eDetailing, also known as electronic detailing enables salesforce to present their content in an interactive and engaging way to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Vistaar Digital has been working hand-in-hand with Pharma companies at every stage, in helping MR Field Force make a smooth transition into paperless detailing.

Vistaar digital has it's own tailor-made eDetailing platform called 'Enablr' available on both iOS and Google play store. The Enablr eDetailing platform offers pharma companies to create rich content and track real-time analytics that benefits your customers and business. The Med-tech team can buy the user certification to manage and run the healthcare presentation.

The arrival of eDetailing brought about a dynamic change in the pharma industry. Previously, the physical or traditional form of presentation or detailing was the only means of communication between pharma companies and health care professionals (HCP). But the year 2008 marked the beginning of a new era that improved the relationships of sales and marketing with doctors or physicians to a great extent.

What is eDetailing?

eDetailing can be broadly defined as using various technologies or digital methods of sales detailing for pharma and healthcare. Various companies use digital means to communicate with various healthcare organizations and convey their product related information and services to them. It wasn’t easy for the medical representatives (MR) to opt for digital means instead of old traditional ones. However, it took very less time for the whole medical industry to embrace digital detailing instead of traditional ones as it had a better edge over its counterpart. Gradually, eDetailing became the most-needed method for sales and marketing of various products.

How eDetailing works

It’s not easy for doctors to spend all day attending to their patients and then meet various MR personally. Seriously, no one has that much of patience these days. Hence digitalization of detailing process makes it easier for both the sales representatives as well as physicians. These methods enable physicians to learn about various products which include clinical practices, patient advice, research evidence and information related to prescription and doses.

Meet the three e’s of e3-detailing

How eDetailing conquered traditional detailing method

Previously, pharmaceutical companies had only communicated through printed brochures and booklets. With the arrival of eDetailing techniques in the pharmaceutical sector, sales and representation got easier and organized. The traditional method of detailing required a representative to visit a doctor personally to show their booklets with information charts. eDetailing had its limitations such as:

  • It was time-consuming
  • sometimes sales representative had to wait too long to receive an appointment from the doctors
  • Additional expense incurred by the companies dropped the profit margin substantially

With the arrival of digital methods both physician and pharmaceutical companies chose it over traditional method due to:

  • Implementation of the strategy given by the company was effectively carried out
  • Incorporate digital methods of communication between sales and physicians
  • Allows the company to use creative methods for their presentation of products
  • Better interactive content to get you engaged the whole time
  • A better in detail clinic brief as well as working customer feedback system
  • Takes lesser time and increases a profit margin
  • Increment of the brand-value

Benefits of eDetailing

eDetailing has its own sets of benefits. They are:

Approachable innovation

eDetailing ensures that the content becomes easily accessible to anybody viewing it. You have all the information stored in any electronic gadget you like and carry it at your convenience. Also, you are ready anytime, anywhere for a presentation without the worry of carrying large booklets all the time. Whether you want to reach a physician while working in rural area through web meeting or make an appointment for the meeting sitting anywhere in the world, eDetailing works out for you. Use iPad or tablet for accessibility to your content anywhere.

Better Structure of conversation

If you are a company who lacks structure in their sales or marketing, then you are more at a loss. Keeping a proper structure in your sales pitch is not at all easy, and not everybody can do it effectively. Lack of proper structure in your sales or marketing always results in poor sales pitches. eDetailing can enable you to make a stronger structure, which empowers you to go through various processes without affecting your sales pitches rapidly. The structure is significantly more essential for web-seminars or meetings as face to human face interaction is absent.

Cost and time reduction

eDetailing helps you reduce your time and cost significantly and hence ensure a better profit margin. With eDetailing under your hood, you don’t have to waste money on traveling to individual physician and explain your products. Starting from analytics to interaction methods, eDetailing has everything that a company requires for its sales saving precious time and money.

Proper Interaction anytime, anywhere

Interaction with your customer is an important part of your sales and marketing.  And eDetailing ensures the interaction happens irrespective of the place and time. But in webinars, it’s a hard thing to keep the physicians engaged in your presentation. So proper interaction paired up with good, engaging content is essential. With eDetailing, you can keep your content short, sweet and engaging for all your audience.

Proper use of marketing-sales approach

With eDetailing, you can integrate various channels of pitching. Those channels include various events such as face-to-face meetings, webinars, campaigns for digital marketing, etc. and you can combine all of them under one roof and head towards your marketing.

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