Amazon AWS IoT Button – A little genie

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March 22, 2017
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July 7, 2020
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Amazon AWS IoT Button – A little genie

Amazon AWS IoT Button

If you’ve already got Amazon’s new #IoT #Button, get it configured from us. But if you are yet to catch up with it, read about it here and get back to us to make some magic happen for you.

This little genie will grant you Three Wishes

At Vistaar Digital, we’ll configure the three cloud-based functions for your AWS IoT Button and ‘Abra-ka-dabra’….you wishes will get fulfilled. Use it to order your favourite pizza, remotely control home appliances, sync it with your social media account or use as a panic button for the elderly. This button is sheer magic, if you can explore what all it can really do.

Got an idea for your consumers? Contact us to get this into real